Yukon Zinc Corporation is a Canadian mining, exploration and development company with properties in Yukon, Canada. Yukon Zinc's head office is located in Vancouver, Canada.

Our Vision

Mining Beyond Borders

Our Mission

Creating superior stakeholder value through responsible asset development, efficient operations, and strategic acquisitions. Yukon Zinc will realize its vision through investment in exceptional projects and people.

Our Values

Yukon Zinc Corporation is committed to operating responsibly and ethically in the global business environment. Six core values to support our corporate vision and mission have been identified. By upholding these core values, we will earn and maintain the trust of our First Nations, Governments stakeholders and increase shareholder value.

Safety Our number one priority is employee safety and health. We have the responsibility to ensure that a high safety standard is maintained while promoting continuous improvement in performance.  We believe that all injuries are preventable and that by working together we can make safety a way of life inside and outside the workplace.



We are honest, trustworthy, reliable and fair. We always act with integrity and operate within the letter and spirit of the law and Yukon Zinc Corporation’s Business Code of Conduct and Ethics.


We treat people with respect, dignity and common courtesy.  We will respect the natural and cultural environments and communities within and around which we work. 


We are accountable to stakeholders, shareholders and employees.  We will honor our commitments, deliver on our promises and be responsible for our actions and their outcomes.


We are committed to increasing long-term shareholder value by being entrepreneurial and unrelenting in our search for opportunities, as well as innovative in the face of shifting challenges to ensure prosperous corporate and employee growth. 


Our strength comes from talented employees working in an effective team environment with common goals, while cooperating and sharing knowledge across borders.

Corporate History

Yukon Zinc, formerly Expatriate Resources, sharpened its focus on the emerging Finlayson District in the Yukon by establishing StrataGold Corporation and Pacifica Resources Ltd. The sale of the gold assets to StrataGold in 2003 and public financing of StrataGold created significant value for Expatriate shareholders. In 2004 Pacifica Resources Ltd. (now Selwyn Resources) received Non-Finlayson District exploration properties.  

In July 2008, Jinduicheng Molybdenum Group Co. Ltd. and Northwest Nonferrous International Investment Company Ltd. acquired all of the public shares of Yukon Zinc Corporation. Currently Yukon Zinc is private and no longer publically listed, and JDC is the majority shareholder. In 2011, Yukon Zinc secured four key shareholders including Fosun Gold Holdings Limited, Arich Investments Ltd., Silvercorp Metals Inc., and Northern Mineral Investment Corporation. In June 2012, the shareholders named Yukon Zinc's parent company, Jinduicheng Canada Resources Corporation Limited.

Jinduicheng Molybdenum Group Ltd.

Jinduicheng Molybdenum Group Co., Ltd. (JDC) is located in China’s northwest Shaanxi province and is one of the largest molybdenum companies in the world, ranking first in Asia and third in the world. JDC has the biggest open pit Molybdenum mine in Asia with a reserve life of more than a hundred years. JDC is a publicly traded state owned mining enterprise with strong support from both Chinese state and provincial governments. Since its establishment in 1958, JDC has developed into an international mining, mineral processing and metallurgical enterprise with customers in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific.  It has built long-term strategic partnerships with global Fortune 500 companies and has positioned itself as a world leader in the industry with its state of the art processing facilities and advanced technologies for operations and environmental protection.

Since 2006, JDC adopted a new development strategy and branched out into research, trade, investment, and has operations all over China and the world.  Since 2007, JDC Group has received two awards from the Provincial Government of Shaanxi for its effort in environmental protection and sustainable development. JDC started to acquire mineral deposits in both Argentina and Canada with its successful acquisition of Yukon Zinc finalized in 2008.

JDC values integrity, excellence and innovation as its core corporate principals and promotes a culture of efficiency, commitment and teamwork. For more information on JDC visit:               http://en.jdcmmc.com

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